• Kate Donohoe

Introducing: Party Animals!

Launched on 6th June 2020 as 'Party Animals', these three hat projects were originally only sold as "Loopy Kits": these were DIY kits with wool, pattern and tutorial included, but I wanted to freshen them up for 2020, make them more accessible and create a new identity for them.

I gave them fun names, and made them instantly downloadable with full tutorial (left or right-handed), digital pattern and added a shopping list with online shopping links. I've made them so you can create an animal hat of your choice from start to finish, even if you've never crocheted before.

From complete beginner, to crochet winner!

Who are the Party Animals?

Let's meet them!


"Fergal" (the Sharkey) wants nothing more than to be your bestest chum.

With a set of pointy teeth and bloody gums, along with the earflap side fins and dorsal fin standing proud on the top of his head, Fergal is the most popular of all my hat designs. He's also the first hat design I created.

Top Dog

"Top Dog" is a cute puppy with floppy ears, collar and eye patches. Forever your faithful friend!

This design uses the most colours of all the Party Animal projects, but you can make him your own by using any colour combination you like!

This Little Piggy

"This Little Piggy" has some wonderful features which are not on the other hats:

Starting at the top with the frizzy hair detail, to the nose where you can add a squeaky surprise if you like, and finally, the curly tail at the back. There's lots of elements to make up this cute hat!

What makes the Party Animals different?

These Party Animals projects are designed for complete beginners, whether left or right-handed.

Each crochet project comes with 3 elements - let's look at these in turn:

Full Tutorial

All the Party Animals tutorials show everything you need to make your chosen project: from how to hold the hook and yarn and create the stitches, to how to sew up the ends, and every step of the project in-between. It's designed for complete beginners and because it's all online, you can watch this whenever you like!

It's compatible to watch on your PC, Mac, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

When choosing your Party Animal project, you will need to select a left or a right-handed version, so you get the correct tutorial to suit you.

...The myth of "left-handed people can't crochet" is well and truly BUSTED!

Crochet Pattern

The Party Animals pattern is there to use with the online tutorial, and has everything you need to make the hat (as a usual crochet pattern would).

However, what makes this slightly different is: it has extra information for beginners to help you learn how to crochet, and using this alongside the tutorial helps you to understand the meaning of the pattern instructions along the way, which will help you understand other project patterns as you master the crochet techniques shown.

Shopping List

Designed for pure convenience, the shopping list contains links to purchase any of the wool or hook to make the project, if you need any materials.

Either use the links within the shopping list to purchase through Amazon or Lovecrafts online, or use the list to go to your local craft shop if preferred.

If you already have all the materials needed, the shopping list can be used as a guide to show you what to get from your own stash!

Special offer for June 2020!

These Party Animals are great for learning to crochet, and once you start, you'll want to make more! So with this in mind, for the remainder of June 2020 you can choose a second Loopy Needles digital download pattern at no extra cost, with any Party Animal project purchased.

You can choose another Party Animal pattern in digital format (the extra bonus pattern does not include the tutorial), or select a completely different Loopy Needles digital download pattern instead - the choice is yours!

Which Party Animal is your favourite?

How long does it take to receive my chosen Party Animal project?

How does "instantly" sound? Once payment has been confirmed, you'll receive login details so you can access all 3 elements immediately!

How do I get started?

Here's a handy link with all the information you need, including how to claim your free pattern for the June 2020 offer: