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Crochet for Beginners

A comprehensive online course to learn crochet at your  pace.

What if you could learn a new craft which is creative, but also can help you relax?

...and what if you could also learn this in your own time, at your own pace?

Tell me if any of these statements are true for you:

You have tried to learn a new craft, but you find the instructions hard to follow.

You can't find suitable tutorials if you're left-handed.

You need subtitles when watching tutorials but can't find one to suit you.

You can't fit in time to attend in-person lessons, or there's not a class in your local area.

But what if there was a way to learn at your own pace, in a clear and calm way?​

That's why I created this online course: Crochet for Beginners, to help solve all these issues.

After creating my own successful crochet business back in 2012, and teaching many people how to crochet, I have packaged this comprehensive course designed for pure beginners, so you can learn too!

Learn the art of crochet in as little as a few days, or take as long as you need. 

This is not a race - it's all about getting the results you want.

 At your pace.

Join Now

Imagine if...

You can create a daily dose of calm, while creating something tangible at the same time?

Maybe you feel burned out.

Maybe you feel stressed right now.

Maybe you want something new which doesn't take a lot of time

but creates some much-needed time-out and calm from your busy life.

Enter: Crochet for Beginners.


It's lovely to meet you.

I'm Kate Donohoe, creator of the Crochet for Beginners online course.

I created and founded my own crochet business: Loopy Needles in 2012, and since then, have made and sold thousands of ready-made products, as well as my own designs of patterns and DIY crochet kits. 


I sell these designs online, I sell ready-made items in a popular crafts pop-up shop in my local town (which I also founded), and I also appeared on Hochanda TV to demonstrate and sell my DIY crochet kits in 2015.

Using all my knowledge and crochet skills gained over many years, I have packaged this step-by-step system for learning how to crochet with a mission to help make it as easy as possible for people to learn.

I've also made this slightly different to the usual course offerings you may find: 

This course is accessible for left-handed people, right-handed people and those who also require subtitles.

I'm very excited to share this crochet course with you today, and I look forward to working with you inside the course.

I'm ready. Sign me up!

What's inside the course?

Tools of the Trade Icon copy.png

Module 1:

Tools of the Trade

Knowing the right tools to choose, when getting started.

In this module, we cover the many different hook sizes, yarn weights and other tools required to get you started.

Also included in this module is access to conversion charts for all hooks and yarn sizes to make everything clear and easy to understand when purchasing the right tools for you and your projects.

Tools of the Trade Icon.png

Module 2:

The Basic Stitches

The foundation of crochet.

In this module, we cover all the basic stitches which are used to make crochet projects. Each stitch is shown nice and slowly, with many repetitive stitches shown to avoid rewinding the lessons too often while you master the stitch composition. You'll also be shown how to hold the hook and yarn to make stitches efficiently, but also comfortably. Full left and right-handed tutorials are available, with or without subtitles, depending on which course you choose.

Advanced Techniques Icon.png

Module 3:

Advanced Techniques

Taking the basic stitches to an elevated level.

In this module, we cover many advanced techniques including:

  • Increasing all stitches

  • Decreasing all stitches

  • Magic ring/magic circle

  • Changing colours

  • How to read a crochet pattern

  • International crochet terms fully explained

  • Finishing "invisibly"

Also included in this module is access to a conversion chart  the international crochet terms, as well as a full abbreviations chart to help understand crochet patterns.

Troubleshooting Icon.png

Module 4:


How to overcome mistakes without losing your calm.

In this module, we cover how to overcome mistakes before they happen, and also how to fix common errors nice and early, and very easily.

Projects Icon.png

Module 5:


Finding some fun projects to use your newly acquired crochet skills

In this module, we cover projects which will help you to practice the stitches you have learnt during this course, with follow-along tutorials to help make them. Projects include:

  • Granny Square (and variations)

  • Beanie Hat

  • Bunting

  • Amigurumi Christmas Project

  • And more!

Bonus icon.png


As well as the above modules, as an extra bonus, you will also have access to a discount code which gives you 50% off any Loopy Needles digital downloadable patterns.

This includes current patterns, as well as any new patterns added in the future, too!

You can purchase as many Loopy Needles patterns as you like, using this special code.

These modules and bonus represent over £250 worth of value, but you can get started for our introductory price of just £75.

Sign up for the Crochet for Beginners Course today.

This course will be offered a 2-3 times per year, but...

This introductory price will go up for the next course launch so don't miss out on this fantastic offer!

Choose your course:


Introductory price of


Only for a limited time!

  • All 5 course modules

  • Bonus discount code

  • PC, tablet and mobile access

  • Left-handed tutorials

  • Lifetime access


Introductory price of


Only for a limited time!

  • All 5 course modules

  • Bonus discount code

  • PC, tablet, mobile access

  • Right-handed tutorials

  • Lifetime access


Introductory price of


Only for a limited time!

  • All 5 course modules

  • Bonus discount code

  • PC, tablet and mobile access

  • Left-handed tutorials

  • Subtitles throughout

  • Lifetime access


Introductory price of


Only for a limited time!

  • All 5 course modules

  • Bonus discount code

  • PC, tablet, mobile access

  • Right-handed tutorials

  • Subtitles throughout

  • Lifetime access

Whichever course you choose, they all contain the following features:

All 5 course modules

Left or right-handed tutorials (as per your course choice)

Subtitles throughout the course (if chosen)

Follow-along crochet projects

Full patterns for each follow-along project

Shopping list for recommended tools to get you started

Hook and Yarn conversion charts

International conversion charts for crochet stitches

Comprehensive list of crochet abbreviations as used in crochet patterns

Learn on your terms: available to use on PC, laptop, tablet and mobile phone

Lifetime access to the course


50% discount code for any/all Loopy Needles digital download patterns

(current and future patterns included)

All of this for the introductory price of


Only for a limited time!

Got some questions? We have answers!

How is this different from other online courses out there?

Unlike other courses, this has left and right-handed versions, as well as with or without subtitles. Each course, regardless which one you choose is identical in content, but has the elements required to suit you.

How is learning crochet going to give me a sense of calm?

Crochet is proven to have many health and wellbeing benefits, including relieving stress and creating calm. Because of the way crochet stitches are created, it forms a type of meditation which can relax you.

What's good about learning to crochet?

Crochet is currently enjoyed by over 50 million people worldwide and has been around for over 2 centuries. Although there has been a stereotype of crocheting being for ladies, it can be enjoyed by anyone who wants to create fabrics or items with yarn, at any age. (I learned aged 8!)

Yarn craft is also huge right now, with a wide choice of yarn available, from the thinnest crochet cotton to the largest more specialised yarns, made from many different materials from man-made fibres including acrylic, to natural fibres like cotton, alpaca and even bamboo!

Is this course right for me?

This course offers all the information you need and includes easy to follow tutorials with many stitches repeated several times to get into a rhythm and also avoid needing to rewind the lesson as you learn. With the left and right-handed options, as well as subtitles if required, this course has been especially designed to get anyone crocheting, who wants to learn. 

What's the refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of this product, we are not able to offer refunds for this course.

What's included in the course?

Follow this link for all the details of what's included.

Who runs the course?

Loopy Needles founder: Kate Donohoe will be your teacher for the course. She has a wealth of experience in crochet, and has her own successful crochet business. She has taught many people to learn, including some who believed initially that they could never get the stitches right! She has also demonstrated her own kits and other yarn products on live TV: the Hochanda shopping channel, and also designs crochet patterns for many craft companies globally. 

How long is this course available to join?

Although the course has lifetime access, the joining time is limited, but will be open a few times each year. If you missed out this time, you can join our waiting list here and be the first to find out when the next open period is. This course is currently open until Friday 15th May at this special introductory price, and will open again later this year.

Will this course be offered at the same price each time?

No! The course will only be sold at this lower price this one time, so sign up to take full advantage of this never-to-be-repeated offer!

How can I get started?

It's easy to join - just click the button below, choose your course and you are on your way!

Let's do this!

Imagine you have a quick "go-to" pastime which can give you a great sense of calm, meditation and also be creative, all at the same time? This course is here to help you learn a new craft and skill!

There's no rush to learn quickly either - unless you want to.

Learn at your pace, at your time of convenience.

I look forward to working with you very soon.

- Kate Donohoe, creator of Loopy Needles Crochet for Beginners online course

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