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What if you could crochet a hat project from start to finish, but you don't know how to crochet?

...and what if you could complete it as little as 2-3 days?

Tell me if any of these statements are true for you:

You have tried to learn a new craft, but you find the instructions hard to follow.

You can't find suitable tutorials if you're left-handed.

You think that crochet is too hard to learn.

But what if there was a way to learn to make a project from scratch, with help at every step?​

That's why I created Party Animals!

Make your chosen hat project in as little as 2-3 days, or take as long as you need. 

This is not a race - it's all about getting the results you want.

Fergal Sharkey Crochet Pattern.png

Imagine if...

You can create a project from start to finish, with a new craft you have never tried before

Maybe you feel you just can't get the stitches right.

Maybe you want something to make which is new and creative.

Party Animals could be the answer for you!


I'm Kate Donohoe, creator of Party Animals. 

Lovely to meet you.

I created and founded my own crochet business: Loopy Needles in 2012, and since then, have made and sold thousands of ready-made products, as well as my own designs of patterns. 

The idea for "Party Animals" came about because I know there are many people looking for something creative, yet easy to learn.

Using all my knowledge and crochet skills gained over many years, I have packaged this online step-by-step system, and included a full video tutorial for left and right-handed versions to make it even easier to learn.


A 25% donation will be made to NHS Charities for every Party Animal sold, to help the amazing NHS who are our nation's heroes. More details on that below.

I'm very excited to share this with you today, and I look forward to working with you on the tutorial!

Let's meet the Party Animals:


"Fergal" (the Sharkey)

Fergal has a big smile and

wants to be your bestest chum!

Fergal's best features are:

  • Dorsal fin

  • Earwarmer side fins

  • Pointy teeth

  • Bloody gums


"Top Dog"

This Top Dog will become your faithful friend!

Top Dog's best features are:

  • Eye patches

  • Embroidered nose

  • Floppy ears

  • Collar


"This Little Piggy"

This Little Piggy went squeeeeeeak!

 all the way home.

This Little Piggy's best features are: 

  • Ears

  • Hair

  • Curly tail at the back

  • Squeaky nose! (optional)

No matter which Party Animal you choose,

you will receive:

  • Full crochet pattern to make a baby, child and adult size hat

  • Online tutorial from start to finish for all three sizes of hat

  • Shopping list with links if required

  • Left and Right-handed choices

  • Lifetime access

  • Unlimited updates

PLUS! For June 2020 only:

One extra Loopy Needles digital pattern

of your choice - free!


What's inside?

Pattern Icon.png

Full Crochet Pattern

Written for pure beginners

The full crochet pattern is written with extra details for beginners, so you can learn to make your chosen hat nice and easily. Each hat pattern can be made in 3 sizes: baby, child and adult size.

Tutorial Pattern.png

Online Tutorial

Crochet-along tutorial, every step of the way

The online tutorial will either be left or right-handed - you decide! Every step of the way is shown in full detail, from holding the hook and yarn, to creating each row and showing all the stitches required, to sewing up the ends. All hat sizes are covered in the tutorial.

Shopping List Icon.png

Shopping List

To help you choose the right hooks and yarns to make your project

The shopping list shows all the colours and brands of yarn used to make the item, as well as details of the other tools you need. There are also handy links within this list so you can shop for them easily online, or know what materials to get if you prefer to shop locally. Already have yarn? No problem! Use this shopping list to delve into your yarn stash so you have all the yarn you need to get started.

You can get started for just


Plus... for every Party Animal sold,

25% will be donated to the NHS Charities. 





You have 3 different hat projects to choose from!

These Party Animals are available all year round, but...

For the month of June 2020, you can also choose a second Loopy Needles digital crochet pattern of your choice, for free!

Screenshot 2020-05-10 at 11.56.08.png

Got some questions? We have answers!

What patterns are available with the special offer for June 2020?

Choose from any pattern shown at this link!

What happens once I have purchased my chosen Party Animal project?

You will receive a unique login and password so you can view all the content immediately!

How to I claim my free pattern for the June 2020 offer?

All the information you need can be found by clicking here.

How is this different from other crochet projects out there?

These Party Animal projects are instantly downloadable, and all have 3 key elements:

  1. Online Tutorial - these tutorials are left or right-handed - you decide! Both options of tutorial are identical in content, so you won't miss a thing. Each tutorial goes through every element of the crochet pattern, including how to hold the hook and yarn, so you can start as a complete beginner, and end as a crochet winner!

  2. Full Pattern - the patterns have been written for beginners, with extra tips to help guide you through the project when using the pattern alone.

  3. Shopping List - if you don't have all of the materials required already, this shows all the yarn and tools you need, along with shopping links so you can purchase them online very easily if necessary.

What's good about learning to crochet?

Crochet is currently enjoyed by over 50 million people worldwide and has been around for over 2 centuries. Although there has been a stereotype of crocheting being for ladies only, it can be enjoyed by anyone (men, ladies, boys and girls) who wants to create fabrics or items with yarn, at any age. (I learned to crochet aged 8.)

Yarn craft is huge right now, with a wide choice of yarn available, from the thinnest crochet cotton to the largest more specialised yarns, made from many different materials from man-made fibres including acrylic, to natural fibres like cotton, alpaca and even bamboo!

Crochet has also been associated with some wonderful health benefits, including reducing stress and depression and creating calm and relaxation.

Is this right for me?

Loopy Needles Party Animal projects offer all you need to make your chosen hat from start to finish. With the left and right-handed tutorial options, this course has been especially designed to get anyone crocheting who wants to learn, or is new to learning crochet. 

What's the refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of this product, we are not able to offer refunds.

What's included?

Follow this link for all the details of what's included for each Party Animal project.

Who created these Party Animals?

Loopy Needles founder: Kate Donohoe created Party Animals. She has a wealth of experience in crochet, and has her own successful crochet business. She has taught many people to learn, including some who believed initially that they could never get the stitches right, but then could crochet beautifully by the end of the lesson. She has also demonstrated her own products and other yarn products on live TV: the Hochanda shopping channel, and also designs crochet patterns for many craft companies globally. 

What crochet terms will be included in these projects: UK or US?

All the Party Animal projects use UK crochet terminology, however, the US crochet terms are also shown in the pattern so you can use the pattern ad follow the tutorial very easily.

How long are these Party Animals available?

The Party Animals are available all year round with lifetime access, and unlimited updates.

What do you mean by "unlimited updates"?

If any elements of the Party Animal projects are updated, then you will have access to the newest version at all times, at no extra cost.

Where will the 25% donation go?

Donations will be sent to NHS Charities Together. More details about them can be found here.

Updates on how much is raised will be posted regularly on the Loopy Needles Facebook page when the donations are sent to the charity.

How can I get started?

It's easy to join - just choose your animal hat below, click the box if you're left or right-handed, and you are on your way!

When does the free pattern offer expire?

The free pattern offer expires at 23:59 (UK time) on 30th June.

Sketch Arrow 2
Choose your Party Animal

"Fergal" (the Sharkey)

Party Animal

£10 each

  • Full crochet pattern

  • Make baby, child and adult sizes

  • Online tutorial from start to finish

  • Shopping list with links

  • Left and Right-handed choices

  • Lifetime access

  • Unlimited updates

  • 25% donation to NHS Charities



"Top Dog"

Party Animal

£10 each

  • Full crochet pattern

  • Make baby, child and adult sizes

  • Online tutorial from start to finish

  • Shopping list with links

  • Left and Right-handed choices

  • Lifetime access

  • Unlimited updates

  • 25% donation to NHS Charities



"This Little Piggy"

Party Animal

£10 each

  • Full crochet pattern

  • Make baby, child and adult sizes

  • Online tutorial from start to finish

  • Shopping list with links

  • Left and Right-handed choices

  • Lifetime access

  • Unlimited updates

  • 25% donation to NHS Charities



Imagine you can learn to crochet a project from scratch, even if you have never crocheted before.

Party Animals are here to help you learn how to crochet, and create a project from start to finish at the same time... from complete beginner to crochet winner!

I look forward to working with you very soon.

Kate Donohoe 

Creator of Loopy Needles: Party Animals

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