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Tea's Up!

Here in the UK, tea is an institution. We love it!

Lots of tea shops and tea bars are open for business all over the country, selling many a different tea, whether it's good old English Breakfast tea, right up to the gorgeous flowering teas, it's all good.

Tea pots are also back with a bang, so I've come up with a few fun tea cosies to put some joy and quirkiness into your tea time. All my tea cosies are inspired by nature - bringing the English Country Garden into your living room!

My first tea cosy is the beehive which I knitted using a pattern from Patons. Many of the ones I have already made are now serving tea in the US! I love the bee buttons which I added which give it a little extra. I then designed some crocheted egg cosies to match which have also been popular.

I made a rainbow tea cosy next after adapting a pattern I found online. It's so bright it's surely impossible to feel gloomy while using it!

I then moved onto fruit and veg - my first was the pear. I found a pattern for one online but as I was making the fabric, I didn't like the shape at all, in fact it looked rather rude! I then went back to the drawing board and designed my own pear cosy and am really pleased with the results.

The knitted pumpkin with crocheted stalk and tendrils is also my own design, I love the stripes in the orange fabric created by the special rib stitch used, and how the tendrils curl so perfectly from the top.

Last but definitely not least, my favourite tea cosy to date: the snail.

I found two snail tea cosy photos online and liked some parts of one, and some parts of the other, so I designed my own pattern to merge the parts I liked together. I really love the result and was beaming for days after I finished the first one! I also love the colours I used and think they work really well.

If you'd like to own your very own tea cosy from Loopy Needles, whether it be one of the ones shown here, or something completely different, please get in touch.

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