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3 Crochet Myths (that need busting today)

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Crochet is a very popular craft and has been around for what seems like forever. Some myths about crochet have come to light over the years, and here are 3 myths which I hear frequently

Let's get myth-busting!

1) Crochet is for Grannies.

The answer to this is yes, and no! Crochet can be enjoyed by ladies of any age, whether they have children or grandchildren or not, but it can also be enjoyed by men, and children too! It's a stereotype which you see often in films or TV with old ladies crocheting or knitting. I learned to crochet myself aged 8, so definitely not a Granny!

2) Crochet is complicated to learn.

In fact, it's the opposite! Crochet is a very simple craft to learn. All you need to get started is one crochet hook and a ball of yarn. That's it - no fancy or expensive equipment required! The stitches may look difficult but once you begin to learn how to create them you will see that it's easy to do.

3) I'm left-handed so I won't be able to crochet.

No, no and no! Left or right-handed, anyone can learn to crochet. It's like saying: "I'm left-handed, so I won't be able to use a pen"... The only difference with left-handed crocheting is you put your hook and the yarn in the opposite hands to right-handed people. The stitch creation movement is exactly the same.

There are a lot more right-handed tutorials out there so left-handed people often miss out, but I'm something which may help, if you want to learn to crochet; left or right-handed...

I'm currently building a crochet course which will cover all elements of crochet: the tools, the stitches, advanced techniques, troubleshooting and there will also be many projects to work on as "crochet-along" projects so you can make as you learn.

Want to learn something fast? A new digital product is also being made (I've been working hard during lockdown!) which will allow you to create a single crochet project from scratch, even if you have never crocheted before! And it's an instant download so you have all the information you need right away. This will be released in early June 2020 and I'm very excited to launch it!

Follow Loopy Needles on Facebook and find out more when it's launched.

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