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New Look Loopy!

After 6 years of the original Loopy branding, I decided it was time to freshen up my brand with proper brand colours, and a shiny new logo. My mission, which I decided to set for myself (and accept!), was to come up with a proper logo design to show the fun, cheery nature of Loopy Needles, but also to show "at a glance" what Loopy Needles offers.

Over a weekend I came up with this design, and am really pleased with it. It's not too far away from the original logo so my regular customers will recognise it as the same business, but is now a proper logo which I can use throughout my business.

Loopy Needles New Logo 2019

Now for the fun task to apply this logo and the new brand colours to my product packaging, website, social media, business cards, signage and online shop! I may be some time....

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