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The best place I ever crocheted

Crochet is a mobile pastime. Thanks to the minimal equipment required, you can crochet pretty much anywhere. Wherever I go away on my travels, I always make sure there's space in my suitcase for a ball of wool (or 5!) and hooks or knitting needles to suit whatever project I am working on.

The best place where I have crocheted, by far, was while floating in the Dead Sea.

It was definitely the most unique crochet experience I have ever had!

It's impossible to sink in the water because of the huge salt levels, and that went for my ball of yarn too!

The Dead Sea has nearly 34% salt content compared to 3.5% salt in the other seas/oceans which is why everything floats.

My crocheting antics did raise a few eyebrows from people who were there with me that day, but I thought to myself:

"Hey - I'm Loopy Needles! Why not?!"

We were told before going into the sea that you mustn't get any of the water in our eyes, or swallow it, because of the corrosive nature of the high salt levels in the water.

This sounds easy, doesn't it? It was not!

Because of the dark mud under the surface, it was virtually impossible to see the depth when walking into the sea. The mud underneath was not level at all, with many large dips and high/low channels of mud to try and avoid blind, so we all had fun trying not to fall over or splash people while navigating our way in!

Luckily we all managed it, unscathed.

It goes without saying, but I couldn't get into the water without completely covering myself from head to toe in the beautiful silky-soft Dead Sea mud first - it made an excellent sun-screen for the day (SPF factor infinity!) and my hair and skin never felt so good after it was all washed off in the sea before leaving.

Have you ever visited the Dead Sea, or have you crocheted, or worked on another pastime you enjoy, in a unique location?

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