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What I'm crocheting right now may surprise you

Updated: May 25, 2020

I'm writing this in May 2020, and this year has been very different to a huge number of people, on a global scale.

But even with all the major changes to our every day lives recently, I've not changed my Loopy calendar year very much, especially when planning the time to crochet my ready-made products.

I crochet at home, so if anything, I'm crocheting more than usual this year. When I crochet, it definitely helps me stay more relaxed and calm, which is especially important to everyone right now.

What I have I been making since mid-January?

Have you guessed yet?

I have been making Christmas puddings.

It may seem a little odd to be making them so early in the year, but these little puddings have been extremely popular when they go on sale in November and December each year, and so I'm now making them all year round to help keep up with demand.

Along with many other shops across the UK, the All Our Own Crafts shop, where I sell my ready-made products, is currently closed until further notice. This strange period in our history has given all makers who work in the shop, myself included, more time to make products this year so we will have lots of lovely handcrafted products available for when we are able to open once more.

Have you ever visited the All Our Own Crafts shop in Basingstoke, or the shop's Facebook page? Find out more about the shop here. You can follow our Facebook page which provides the latest updates to the shop, and we hope to have an opening date for 2020 very soon.

Stay safe,



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